About Cashback Europe


Cashback Europe Plc has developed the Euro Voucher cash rebate promotion - an incentive given by selected retailers and traders to their customers, offering them the opportunity to receive a refund of up to 100% of their purchase, in just 36 months.




Full or part “Cashback” refunds are offered by retailers and marketers (Merchants) on a wide range of consumer goods. Product sales will vary from high price items such as cars, vacation time, boats and motorcycles, through to low spend and everyday use products such as household electrical goods which would include items such as kettles, electric razors and DVD players.



For each Euro Voucher issued, the merchant pays a service fee (percentage of the voucher value) to Cashback Europe PLC. A proportion of the payments from all active merchants is then deposited into a single 3 month tranche which is controlled by professional independent custodians.
The monies from each tranche are placed in a high interest bearing deposit account in a major UK high street bank.

When the tranche matures after 36 months, the independent custodians will be responsible for the payouts due to qualifying voucher holders in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Euro Voucher promotion.