This promotional Cashback Europe Euro Voucher ("Euro Voucher") has been presented to you, the named holder(s), hereafter referred to as ("the holder") on behalf of the Euro Voucher owner, Cashback Europe Plc.


Messrs Sochalls, Chartered Accountants, of 9 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 9SR, have been appointed custodian and will be responsible for receiving all remittances from the merchants and for ensuring that the amount due to the named holders are placed into a separate custodian account.


This Euro Voucher is part of the Cashback Europe Plc. Euro Voucher programme ("programme") The programme is not an insurance product nor any form of security or investment.


This Euro Voucher includes the terms and conditions which should be read carefully. If you intend to claim, you will be bound by the said terms and conditions.


For this Euro Voucher to have been validly issued it must have been presented to you by CashBack Europe Plc.


The merchant has entered into an agreement with Cashback Europe Plc. to gift Euro Vouchers to its consumers and has agreed to effect payments in respect thereof to the custodian in the sum of 12% of the value of each presented Euro Voucher.


On receipt of monies from the merchant, the custodians will pay 45% thereof into a custodian account to be used for the purpose of paying those named holders who have successfully registered their intent to claim and who on maturity have subsequently claimed correctly.


The fees chargeable by the custodian for controlling the custodian account will be payable from that account.


Maturity occurs at the 3rd anniversary of the issue date shown on the Euro Voucher as held in our records.


For a period of 30 days after maturity (3rd anniversary of the issue date) Cashback Europe Plc. will post on the consumer section of the website under "process my claim" a confirmation to each named holder who has complied with the terms and conditions of stage 1 herein.


During this 30 day period the holder must then complete stage 2 of the claim process.


Subject to both stages of the claim process being completed in the manner specified in the Terms and Conditions herein, the custodian will be instructed to issue the relevant payments to the named holders within 60 days after the expiration of the then current calendar quarter.


Our computer programme will calculate the amount due to all successful named holders on a calendar quarterly basis. An example of this would be that if in quarter 1, the amount set aside for successful named holders totalled Â?200,000 then that money would be shared out 36 months later amongst the successful named holders relating thereto in proportion to the value of their Euro Vouchers. If the qualifying named holders collectively held Euro Vouchers to the value of Â?400,000 then each successful named holder would in that case receive 50% of the value shown on their Euro Voucher.


Both the merchant and the custodians are restricted from assisting named holders in any way and will not therefore communicate with you until after your claim has been submitted and reviewed by us and the result posted on the consumer section of the website under "process my claim". There is no restriction on a named holder seeking 3rd party assistance outside the organisation of the merchant or Cashback Europe Plc.


In the unlikely event of the website being or becoming temporarily out of service for any length of time which could cause you to claim late we will automatically grant an additional allowance of time so that your claim can be accepted and processed by us, provided your claim is made within 7 days of the site thereafter being back in normal service.

In the event of any dispute which cannot be resolved between the named holder and Cashback Europe Plc., the custodians will be asked to arbitrate.


This Euro Voucher is not transferable or assignable by you under any circumstance.


This Euro Voucher and these terms and conditions are the whole agreement between you, the merchant and Cashback Europe Plc. and you may not rely on any oral or written representations made to you which are not included in these terms and conditions in any way whatsoever.


Any post-claim communication regarding this Euro Voucher must be made to us on the contact form as shown on the website and all replies will be sent to you by email. We will not respond to any other form of communication.


The construction, validity, interpretation and performance of these terms and conditions and all matters relating thereto shall only be governed by the laws and be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Gibraltar.


If this Euro Voucher shows more than one named holder's name and address, the due payment will be made to any one person named on the Euro Voucher and to no other party. Payment will be sent to the latest address shown in our records.


In the event of death, payment will be effected to the named holder's next of kin provided a copy of the relevant death certificate is sent to us together with evidence of the next of kin.


The terms and conditions of this Euro Voucher have been designed with fairness to all parties. There are circumstances where we will not accept or process a claim, which are namely:


  1. If the merchant fails to make payment to us for the issue of your Euro Voucher.
  2. If, apart from as detailed above, the claim time limit has not been strictly complied with.
  3. If, apart from as detailed above, on the first submission the claim is not made in the manner specified.
  4. If any of the claim documents are not received by us or cannot be verified by us.
  5. If you or any other named holder of the Euro Voucher is a director, officer, owner, partner, employee or agent or close family member of the merchant or of Cashback Europe Plc.